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Increase Rough Machining Rates

Makino Experience Center Event

Increase Rough Machining Rates by up to 300%

Presenter: Brian Coward - Product Line Manager

Die, mold, medical, and aerospace markets are prime candidates for exponentially increasing their cutting rates, reducing wire consumption, and preventing wire breaks when the right tools are utilized.

In this live demonstration, Brian Coward, Makino’s EDM Product Line Manager will explain the innovative technology behind the Makino U6 HEAT Extreme and Hyper i Control and show you the features that make it a highly productive, accurate, and flexible EDM with 0.016”Ø wire capability. 

Discover how this dynamic machine can help boost your productivity levels… without exponentially increasing your wire consumption rates.

March 18, 2021 
1:30 PM ET (30min)

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Tips for Creating Efficiency

Makino Experience Center Event

Tips for Creating Efficiency in a Low Volume/High Mix Setting

Presenter: John Einberger - Product Line Manager

With over 650 cells installed and operating in North America, the Makino Machining Complex (MMC2) has proven to be a cornerstone flexible manufacturing system for hundreds of manufacturers.

In this session, John Einberger, Makino’s Product Line Manager will will share examples on how a MMC2’s flexible system can supercharge efficiency in a low volume/high mix setting.  You’ll also get a birds-eye view showing why the MMC2 is a leading choice when it comes to maximizing your horizontal machining centers’ spindle utilization, while supporting high-mix production.

March 25, 2021 
1:30 PM ET (30min)

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