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Maximizing Wire EDM Productivity by Employing .016 in Wire Diameter Technologies

Makino Experience Center

Presenter: Brian Coward - EDM Product Line Manager 

Explore how the use of .016 inch wire diameter technology in wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) helps to increase cutting speeds, decrease cycle time and improve productivity. Cutting speeds and wire consumption are two key limiters in extending shop productivity and unattended machine time. Learn how this new technology achieves high cutting speeds while keeping wire consumption down, thus providing a boost in productivity.

October 12, 2022 
2:00 PM ET

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Cycle Time Reduction Secrets: Part 4

Makino Experience Center

Mike Boyd - Application Engineering Leader
Darren Harville - Market Segment Manager

Deploy parallel processing and reduce non-cut time with special M-codes developed by Makino. Join us for a demonstration of the simultaneous moves of an automatic tool changer (ATC) and B-axis rotation on a Makino a51nx horizontal machining center, and the shorter Z-axis retract position at the tool change. A discussion follows the demonstration. Your questions are welcome.

October 19, 2022 
1:30 PM ET

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