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United Precision Services

High Quality Large Part Machining Centers

United Precision Services is unique in the machine tool distribution industry. They are one of the few companies where you can see the machine or a similar machine working in an actual showroom. United Precision also offers full turnkey solutions, unlike any other in the industry.

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United Precision

Huron - Milling and Turning Machines


Milling & Turning Machines

Huron has been designing and building milling and turning machines for the automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, and general engineering industries since 1854. Huron is committed to providing reliable, quality, precise machines to meet customers expectations. 

Huron Logo
Huron MX Series

5-Axis Gantry Milling Center

Huron's 5-axis Gantry Milling Center is a large machine allows machining operations on 5-axis and 5-sizes in a single set-up. This machine is designed for machining mold, dies, stamping tools, models and precision parts on hard materials. 


Bost Heavy Duty Machine Tools

Bost Machine Tools Company

Heavy Duty Machines

Bost Machine Tools builds custom heavy duty machines for the most demanding applications, specializing in crankshaft, rolls, and railway wheels. 

Bost Machine Tools Logo
Bost VTL C 33-30

Vertical Lathes

The Vertical Turning Center product line ranges from a 60” turning diameter to more than 500”. Using traditional cast iron construction and hydrostatic bearings, their large VTC’s can turn work pieces up to 750,000 lbs. Configurations can include fixed or moveable rails, one or two RAMs, automatic tool changers, live spindles, angle heads, side heads, probes and cameras.

Vertical Lathes - VTL 16 C | VTL 22 C | VTL 26 C | VTL 32 C | VTL 36 C | VTL 43 C |VTL 47 C | VTL 53 C | VTL 63 C | VTL 73 C | VTL 85 C Series 


Bost Gantry

Gantry Milling Machines

The moving gantry and moving table product offers very heavy machining applications for the most demanding industries.

PGM 53 | PGM 63 | PGM 73 | PGM 81


Bost Turn Mill

Horizontal Turning & Milling Lathes

The Horizontal Turning Center product is best fit for multitasking applications including milling, drilling and grinding with C & Y axis configurations. The horizontal boring mill product is on a very heavy, cast iron platform that is a mature offering that specializes only in ram configuration and a fully hydrostatic machining technology.

VTH 100 C | VTH 100 CY | VTH 160 C U 
TH4H15 | T4H20 | T6H25 | T6H30 | T6H35 


BOST rotary traversing table

Rotary & Traversing Tables

Both in plain table and rotary table design these machines utilize the same technologies in ram and table design as the VTC series. The horizontal boring mill product is on a very heavy, cast iron platform that is a mature offering that specializes only in ram configuration and a fully hydrostatic machining technology.

Bostram 5,000 | Bostram 6,000 | Bostram 7,000 


Matec Custom Machining Solutions


Custom Machining Solutions

MATEC offers customer-specific solutions using cutting-edge technologies implemented with a creative touch to lead machine with the highest standards. Products range from standard machines to complex machining centers. from sophisticated machining of individual parts up to automated series production. 

Matec Logo
Matec 3 Axis Machining Center

3 Axis Machining Centers

Flexibility and long traverse paths with the highest precision. The L Series features high stability over long traveling distances. From 1,300 to 12,000 mm on the X-axis, the machine can be configured with a high degree of flexibility and is suitable for both single part production and efficient mass production. The L-series comprises three basic machine types that can be expanded to suit the customer's needs. 



Matec 6 axis machining center

6 Axis Machining Centers

The HVU series also offers solutions for turning, gear cutting or deep hole drilling from the modular construction system, and has a new milling head that can be rotated continuously about two axes, enabling machining of long workpieces. In conjunction with a horizontal rotary table, 3D contours and up to five sides can be machined in one clamping. 



MATEC 5 axis machining center

5 Axis Machining Centers

HV-series machines are truly multi-talented. As the 4th axis, the HV-spindle enables both, vertical and horizontal machining. An additional 5th axis can also be connected. The HV series can be configured to suit a wide range of requirements with precision for complex machining. This series is the cornerstone for machining centers with a high level of automation.



Matec Gantry machines

Gantry Machines

The design of the gantry machines is focused on achieving a small footprint, high stability and the maximum possible performance for tool, mold making, and large scale production. One of the most important elements for stability and precision is the special design of the gantry beam with its disproportionately large cross-section. The unique stiffness of the machine ensures maximum contour fidelity and surface quality on the workpiece. 



MTE Universal Milling Machines

Machine Tool Engineering

MTE Universal Milling Machines

MTE builds four different models of CNC Universal Machining Centers, providing Bed Type CNC Milling Machines to customers around the globe. These precision, multi-axis machines allow complex jobs to be completed in one set up, reducing costs for their customers. 

MTE Logo
MTE Bed Type Milling Machine

Bed Type Milling Machines - BT

These precision, multi-axis machines allow complex jobs to be completed in one set up, reducing costs for their customers. Over the last decade, MTE has significantly grown and added several other models to their traditional box-way designed bed mills. These machines can now be produced with linear guiderails, integrated rotary tables, and travelling column versions.

Bed Type Milling Machines - K | BF | BT | KT |RT


MTE Floor Type Milling Machine

Floor Type Milling Machines

Stable machines with a vertical travel of up to 4,500 mm, the MTE Floor Type Milling Machines can handle medium sized to extra large workpieces depending on which machine you choose. The FBF-M and FBF-X series include 4 different milling heads for the high-precision processing of extremely complex large workpieces. 

Floor Type Milling Machines - FBF-S  | FBF-M  | FBF-X 


Hexram Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Centers

Hexram Machine

Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Centers

Hexram Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Centers are designed and built in the United States. With the moving gantry, moving table and portal milling design, Hexram takes a simple, rigid design and turns it into a flexible manufacturing platform with a small travel to floor space ration. The Hexram family of machines offer a variety of heads to take on applications from any industry and are built to handle materials from aluminum to stainless, titanium and Inconel. 

Hexram Machine logo
MP Hexram

Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Centers

Built in Cincinnati, OH, the Hexram VMC offers a variety of heads to take on applications from any industry with it's moving gantry, moving table, and portal milling design. 


Romi CNC Lathes


CNC Lathes

Romi supplies machines for the automotive components, consumer goods, agricultural machinery and implements,  and industrial industries. 

Romi Logo

C Series CNC Lathes

The C Series machines have great flexibility for different kinds of parts because of the level of power, quick movements, and accuracy. The C Series is targeted for oil/gas, sugar mill, naval, steel mills and energy industries. 

C 420 | C 510 | C 620 | C 680 | C 830 | C 1000



VT Series Heavy Duty CNC Vertical Lathes

The VT Series are rigid, stabile and versatile for heavy workpieces like rings, sleeves, flanges, and covers. Designed for the oil/gas, ethanol, naval, energy, and mining. 

VT 1400M | VT 2000M | VT 2500M


Mausa Machine Tools


Machine Tools

Mausa is a major products offering solutions in medium and large size machines. They offer Horizontal Boring and Milling machines and Multitasking machines.  

horizontalmills_mausa logo

Horizontal Mill

The Mausa boring machine has a moveable column, floor-type, and is the ideal solution for large, highly productive machining. With the ability to design turn-key projects for wind turbine components, components for hydroelectric power plants, and large parts for the aerospace segment. 


Giuseppe Giana


Single Bed Multitasking Machine

Giana is a machine tool builder with specialties is CNC turning machines with 4 bed guideways, and CNC deephole drilling and boring machines. 

Guiseppe Giana Logo

GGTRONIC Horizontal Lathes

The GGTRONIC is simple to use, and you can "build" a machine and supply it with a boring bar, steady rests, a milling column, a tool changer, etc. It can be designed to be covered or uncovered. You are able to get to choose a machine that fits your machining needs. 



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