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Multi-Axis, Multitasking Turning Centers from Hyundai WIA

Aug 6, 2020

Multi-Axis, Multitasking Turning Centers from Hyundai WIA

NEW HD-Y Series

HD2200Y - Multi-axis, Multitasking Turning Center Lathe
Hyundai Wia HD2200Y

Hyundai WIA’s new HD-Y Series is Technical Equipment’s August Machine of the Month. This is a new machine series added to the already successful Hyundai WIA line-up. The HD-Y Series are multi-axis, multitasking turning centers from Hyundai WIA are designed for precise machining and maximizing productivity with an affordable price tag. The easy to program double slide Y-axis is extremely accurate, and the Box Guideways on all axes will provide reliable, rigid, heavy duty machining, so this machine will be in your shop for years to come.


Hyundai WIA slanted, all-in-one bed structure
Slanted One-Piece Bed

The machine provides rigid machining even during heavy duty cutting because of the 30º all-in-one type slant bed, the increase on the tool post body, and reducing the machine’s height. The integrated coolant tank is on the bed front for convenience, and the chips are removed from the right side. For better travel ability, and offsetting vibrations in heavy duty cutting, the HD-Y series is designed with box guideways on all axes. With travel capabilities of 8.5”/26.8”/26.8”.


Hyundai WIA Multitasking Wedge-Type Y-axis
Wedge Type Y-Axis

While the HD-Y series are great machines for job shops, they are also good for applications involving hydraulic, pump, machinery, and semiconductors as well. The high performing wedge type Y-axis is capable of keyway milling, multi-sided machining, eccentric hole machining, X+Y axis circular interpolation, and fine grooving to cut complex shaped work-pieces. The 25HP main spindle is made with double cylindrical roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings for heavy duty cutting, and a ribstar belt to minimize noise and belt slipping problems.


The machine comes with a FANUC 0i Plus controller. A 15” Touch-type monitor comes standard with 1000 registerable programs and a 2M part program storage.


Quick Facts
  • Great for hydraulic, pump, machinery, semiconductors, and many other applications
  • Box Guideways for heavy duty cutting
  • Full contouring C-Axis
  • 30º slanted one-piece bed structure for high rigidity
  • High performance 25HP spindle
  • Multi-tasking operation with wedge type Y-axis BMT55P turret driven by a high torque servo motor
  • Excellent rapid traverse rate: 30m/min [1,181 rpm] (Z-axis)
  • Easy access to chuck and tool
Machine Specifications


Specifications HD2200Y HD2600Y
Controller Fanuc i Series Fanuc i Series
Max Turning Diameter 11.8″ 11.8″
Max Turning Length 25.6″ 25.6″
Chuck Size 8″ 10″
Bar Capacity 2.6″ 3.2″
Spindle Nose  A2-6 A2-8
Spindle Speed 4,000 rpm 3,500 rpm
Spindle Output (HP) 24.8/20.1 24.8/20.1
Travel (X/Y/Z) 8.5″/4.3″/26.8″ 8.5″/4.3″/26.8″
# of tools 12 12
Milling Tool Speed  6,000 rpm 6,000 rpm
Floor Space 133.1” L x 70.9” W x 76.8” H 133.1” L x 70.9” W x 76.8” H
Machine Weight 10,362 lbs 10,582 lbs

Want more info on Hyundai WIA‘s HD-Y Series and multi-axis and multitasking turning center lathes ? Contact us here.